Statement of Purpose

Who we Are

The West Hallam Medical Centre is located within a purpose built surgery building at the heart of the West Hallam Village. All clinical services are provided on the ground floor. The centre has a list of circa 5000 patients and provides primary medical services to the DE7 post code areas of: West Hallam, Stanley, Stanley Common, Breadsall, Morley, Smalley, Mapperley and parts of Oakwood.

Our contact details are as follows:

West Hallam Medical Centre
The Dales,
West Hallam Village,
Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Telephone: 0115 944 0088

West Hallam Medical Centre is a partnership. There are 2 partners:

  • Dr James Burns
  • Mr Richard Page

In addition there are three salaried GPs:

  • Dr Gail Allsopp
  • Dr Katharine Shelly

Commitment to and Compliance with CQC

Pursuant to The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (The Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009 Part 4), the registering body (West Hallam Medical Centre) is required to provide to the Care Quality Commission details as to our:

  • Registered CQC Manager
  • Disclosure and Barring Service [Formerly CRB Checks]
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Regulated Activities (what we do}
  • Our Culture for Service Delivery

Registered CQC Manager

Registered Manager: Mr Richard Page

The essential standards we are legally required to meet have been divided between the management team, each of which have responsibility for a number of the standards and for ensuring the standards are being achieved, monitored, reviewed within a culture of continual development.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), formerly CRB

All staff employed by the practice within the last three years have been subject to a DBS check.

All existing staff have been risk assessed to determine the need for a DBS check.

Copies of both DBS check and RA are on the respective staff files.

Our Aims and Objectives

We are totally committed to providing the very best primary healthcare services and work closely with our Patient Participation Group to ensure these are continually reviewed. We welcome any feedback; comments and criticism that will help us improve our services.

Our key aims and objectives are:

  • To ensure high quality, safe and effective services and environment
  • To provide monitored, audited and continually improving healthcare services
  • To provide healthcare which is available to a whole population and create a partnership between patient and health profession which ensures mutual respect, holistic care and continuous learning, improvement and training.
  • The provision of accessible healthcare which is proactive to healthcare changes, efficiency and innovation and development.
  • To improve clinical governance and evidence based practice
  • To improve clinical and non-clinical risk management
  • To reduce risk in specific clinical risk areas and facilities
  • To improve environment and capacity
  • To improve vigilance for unforeseen emergencies
  • To optimise performance against key targets and core standards
  • To meet key targets
  • To meet annual health check targets
  • To implement payment by results
  • To become a patient centred organisation
  • To improve services offered to patients
  • To improve communication between the practice and the patients
  • To recruit, retain and develop a highly motivated and appropriately skilled workforce
  • To enhance performance of the workforce
  • To develop management capability
  • To guide the employees in accordance with the equalities scheme
  • To ensure effective management and governance systems

Our Regulated Activities

  • ‘Treatment of disease, disorder and injury’
  • ‘Diagnostic and screening procedures’
  • ‘Family planning services’

Our Culture for Service Delivery

Our practice ethos is to strive towards a partnership between patients and health professionals based on the following key facets:

Mutual Respect

We endeavour to treat all our patients with dignity, respect and honesty. Everyone is committed to deliver an excellent service. We ask all patients to highlight any discrepancies and to offer the same commitment in return.

‘Holistic’ Care

We treat ‘patients’ and illnesses. This means that we are equally interested in the physical, psychological and social aspects of your individual care.

Continuity of Care and the ‘Therapeutic relationship’

Building and maintaining a strong relationship between doctors, health professionals, and patients is essential to the way we work. This is especially so in the management of ongoing problems or long-term illness. In these circumstances we would encourage you to continue seeing the same health professional and wherever possible we will facilitate this through our appointments system. However, if you have a new problem, the doctor or nurse that you normally see is not available, or you would like to see someone else then we would encourage you to see any of the doctors or nurses at the practice.


We respect your right to privacy and keep all your health information confidential and secure. It is important that the NHS keeps accurate and up-to-date records about your health and treatment so that those treating you can give the best possible advice and care. This information is only available to those involved in your care.

Zero Tolerance

We strongly support the NHS policy on zero tolerance. Anyone attending the practice who abuses the GP’s, staff or other patients be it verbally, physically or in any threatening manner whatsoever will risk removal from the practice list. In extreme cases we may summon the police to remove offenders from the practice premises.

Patient Charter

The practice accords to delivering a high standard of care for our patients. The patient charter outlines the responsibilities and is available on reception.

Patient Participation Group

The practice has a group of patients whom meet regularly to discuss issues and share feedback with the medical staff. Information is displayed on the notice board in the practice. If you would like to know more, or join, please as at reception.